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" I purchased a 35 foot Cruiser from a boat dealer in South Florida and had it delivered to my home in Myrtle Beach , South Carolina. I would recommend All Day Boat Transport to any one shipping a high end Yacht or Boat! 5 stars"


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All Day Boat Transport provides custom  transport quotes to and from every city in United States. When we give an boat transport quote to a client we really take the time to understand your individual circumstance. Budget, pick up dates, delivery dates and availability are all things we consider when pricing your move.

Some companies have automating pricing calculators because they haven’t been in business long enough to price their jobs accurately. These computerized quotes can sometimes lead to outrageously high prices or the classic low ball quotes. Both of which can cause unnecessary stress to the boat transport process. If the price is to low no carriers will be willing to pick up the boat and this can lead to increased costs before pick up and obviously no one wants to pay more money than they have to.

All of our boat transport quotes are done directly by our owners who have a combined 20 years experience in the industry. You can rest assured that the  boat transport quote you receive is accurate and true. Your boat transport quote will include all costs including gas, tax, tolls, & marina to marina service and full insurance on every boat with a zero deductible to you! After factoring the size of your boat, distance from major highways, fuel prices and the going rates on your route you will receive a boat transport rate that is as cheap as possible while still being fair the actual trucking company so your boat will be picked up in the time frame you need.

What is the Cost to Tow my Boat & Trailer VS. Loading my boat & Trailer?

Almost every client that calls us for  a quote to tow there boat is always asking our recommendation on towing their boat ( if it was purchased with a trailer) or loading the boat and trailer on to a flat bed or hydraulic boat trailer.

  • Towing a Boat from Florida to Georgia $1290
  • Loading a Boat on Flatbed or Hydraulic Trailer New York to Georgia $1690
  • Towing a Boat from Texas to Massachusetees $1690
  • Loading a Boat on Flatbed or Hydraulic Trailer California to Mass for $2590

Rates are estimates for 25 foot Boat & Trailer under 11 feet tall and 8 feet wide.  For an exact rate for your boat move Please have dimensions ready & Call 855-269-1288